Welcome to Math Minion, my quirky take on a general purpose calculation tool. It is a free and private javascript app that runs locally in your web browser.

Help Pages

The top of all help pages start with Section Menu and Help Contents. Tapping on Section Menu will expand to a set of links for quickly jumping to a section of the current page. Tapping on Help Contents will reveal a list of links to all the available help pages.

If you are new to Math Minion, checking out the tutorial might be a good place to start once you have waded through the stuff on this Getting Started page.

If you can't find the answer in the documentation, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me.


Math Minion consists of a model, represented by a diagram, on to which you can plop various calculation tools, the details of which are displayed in an information view.

The most common tool is an expression, which contains a single formula that evaluates to a minion value.

You can use the name of an expression in another formula to represent its calculated value. Thus if expression a has formula

2 + 2

and expression b's formula is

a * 2

then b's value would be 8.

Note that a model can contain other models, which will have their own diagrams and set of tools. In this way you can encapsulate larger problems into more manageable chunks.

Getting Started Session

The first time you run Math Minion, a Getting Started session ("session" is what I call a Math Minion document) will have been automatically loaded.

If the browser's display is sufficiently wide, the diagram for the session's root model will appear to the left, with an information view to the right. On a narrow display, such as a phone, you have to switch between the diagram and the information view by tapping on the button at the lower left of the display.

The Getting Started session contains examples of most of the key tools and features in Math Minion and has extensive notes explaining their use. It is an excellent place to browse and try things out.

Don't worry about screwing it up, for you can always create a new copy by copying the command:

/ loadurl ../help/Getting Started.txt

and then clicking on the Console button at the bottom of any information view. Paste the command into the input field and hit return to create a fresh copy. (Note this will erase any changes you have made to the current Getting Started session)


In addition to the tutorial and Getting Started Session, there are a number of examples available which illustrate various features of Math Minion.